HealthChek™  Wellness & Antiaging Programs

Your HealthChek™ Program requires a 6-month or 12-month commitment. We will monitor your biological age every six months to watch you grow younger. Yearly pricing allows us to negotiate the best prices for your program and products.

HealthChek™ Wellness and Antiaging Program Components

Education & Info: Monthly e-Newsletters
HealthChek™ Questionnaire
Biological Age: Measure & Monitor
HealthChek™ Antiaging Guide
Supplements: Dietary, and Antiaging
1Nutrition Coaching
2Fitness Training
Cancer screening:
8-panel screen
40-panel screen
3Provider access (MD/ PAC/ NPC)
Whole Body MRI Scan
*In-home Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) (1 or more days/ week in continental United States
Client price/ Month (Pricing subject to change)













1Nutrition Coach, 1 free session every 6 months (20 min virtual group session). $50 fee for each subsequent session
2Fitness Training, 1 free sessions every 3 months (30 min virtual group session). $50 fee for each subsequent session
3Free Provider access available as 1x 20 minute virtual group session per month. $400 for each individual session
*This program component is available for an extra fee
**The goal of this program is to improve your functional age and biological age. We monitor functional and biological age every six months. The prices quoted for your program are monthly prices but require a six to twelve month commitment in order to receive this price.

Curious about how old your body is behaving? Want to find health problems before they find you?

You can purchase our individual Functional Age Test, Biological Age Test, and Whole Body MRI Imaging separately from our programs.

HealthChek™ Functional Age Test

Test how old your body is behaving now  compared to your age from your date of birth. This product is only available in limited locations.


HealthChek™ Biological Age Test

Find out the current genetic age of your cells compared to your age from your date of birth.


HealthChek™ Whole Body MRI Imaging

State of the art technology that can allegedly detects more than 500 abnormalities in the body.


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