A personalized wellness and antiaging program that we have used to manage the health of our patients for almost 30 years.

About HealthChek™

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Live to 100: Secrets of the Blue Zones Documentary Explores

The ‘blue zone lifestyle’ is breaking news in prestigious medical journals1, on Television2 and on cable news channels, including a Netflix® documentary3. HealthChek™ is a personalized wellness and antiaging program that incorporates the key ‘blue zone’ lifestyle concepts. We have used these same concepts to manage the health of our patients for many years. Read on to learn more about our HealthChek™ personalized wellness and antiaging program

There are 3 major steps to your HealthChek™ Wellness and Antiaging Program:

Step 1 (2 components):

  • A Health Evaluation Questionnaire that you can complete in the privacy of your home and office. Take control of your healthcare goals and the timetable for improving your health.
  • Biological Age estimate [a painless noninvasive test to estimate the genetic age of your cells, when compared to the age on your identification)

Step 2: we use the information from Step 1 to generate personalized Wellness and Antiaging guidelines that you and your doctor can use to manage your day-to-day preventive health. Guidelines include:

  • Cancer prevention
  • nutrition and weight control
  • Face, hair, and skin care
  • the appropriate use of nutritional supplements

Step 3: Monitor and adjust your Wellness and Antiaging Program

HealthChek™ members receive regular suggestions for long-term monitoring and adjustment of your Wellness and Antiaging program, with built-in reminders to keep you on track with your healthcare goals. Remote Patient Monitoring of selected health parameters (RPM) is available when approved by your primary care doctor.

In addition, HealthChek™ members will receive:

  • Good Health News© monthly newsletter from My Preventive Health LLC
  • Regular updates on managing the key aspects of your Preventive-health
  • Updates from the “blue zone” studies that track people that lived to be 100-plus years and remained in good health
  • Cancer screening and cancer prevention tips
  • Accident prevention tips for your home and workplace

What Our Clients are Saying…

I’ve trusted my health to the HealthChek™ team for more than 30 years.  I’m in my 90s, I feel fit, I exercise every day, and I still play golf.


*The testimonials on this website are factual, however, images are of models and do not reflect the actual customer.

I own a very successful business. I was making money but was feeling lousy. My childhood asthma had returned, and I was constantly stressed. My mentor referred me to the HealthChek Wellness & Antiaging Program. A year into the program, my asthma was gone, and I felt like my old self. Kudos to HealthChek™.


Business Executive

HealthChek™ FAQs

What is a HealthChek™ personalized wellness and antiaging program?

A HealthChek™ personalized wellness and antiaging program is a preventive health application that gives clients the knowledge and the tools to avoid serious illness and remain healthy as they age. Experienced HealthChek staff provide guidance to help clients that follow the program improve their functional age (look younger, feel younger and act younger) and increase the chances of living a long, healthy life.

What’s included in every HealthChek™ wellness and antiaging program?
  • All HealthChek wellness and antiaging programs contain certain basic elements that include:
    1. Education: Good Health News© monthly Newsletter and regular updates
    2. HealthChek™ Questionnaire
    3. AgeMeter® Functional Age test
    4. HealthChek™ Biological Age test
    5. HealthChek™ Dietary supplement sample pack

    HealthChek™ wellness and antiaging management guidelines

    The other elements in your program will vary depending on the type of HealthChek™ wellness and antiaging program that you selected.  These include special blood screenings, cancer screenings, and health coaching

    You can view the contents of the various programs by clicking this link View HealthChek™ Programs. Please note that HealthChek-Executive™ wellness and antiaging programs are boutique programs that are tailored to the individual client and are available by consultation.

How many HealthChek™ wellness and antiaging programs are currently available and how do they differ?
There are 4 HealthChek™ wellness and antiaging programs currently available. Each program adds additional wellness and antiaging services and products at additional costs.

  1. HealthChek-Gold™: an entry-level wellness and antiaging program that includes all of the elements listed above.
  2. HealthChek-Platinum™: all the benefits of the Gold program, plus regular testing, monitoring and adjustment of functional and biological age, antiaging supplements, blood screening, and other benefits.
  3. HealthChek-Elite™: the benefits of the Platinum program, plus cancer screening, health coaching, personal trainer, and other benefits.
  4. HealthChek-Executive™ wellness and antiaging program: a ‘boutique’ preventive health program that offers state-of-the-art whole body imaging, cancer screening, clinical laboratory screening, health coaching, personal trainers, and other provider consulting services, without the price constraints of the previous programs.

      You can view the contents of the various programs by clicking this link View HealthChek™ Programs.

      How do I know which HealthChek™ program is right for me?

      If you are reading this, you are health conscious person. Success in this HealthChek wellness and antiaging program depends mor on your motivation and on your healthcare goals than on your budget.  Help is always available if you need it.

      How can I tell if my HealthChek™ wellness and antiaging program is working for me?

      The goal of your HealthChek™ wellness and antiaging program is to improve your functional age and possibly your biological age, so that you remain healthy and vibrant as you age into your nineties and beyond.

      We test and monitor your functional age and your biological age and adjust your program as needed to keep you on track to reach you goal of 90-plus healthy years and we discuss these tests with you. We do not make guarantees and do not promise overnight miracles. Success in this program requires a commitment to following the guidelines of your personalized wellness and antiaging program for 6 t0 12 months. You will be pleasantly surprised at the changes in your body.

      How long does my HealthChek™ wellness and antiaging program last?

      We encourage you to stay in your HealthChek™ program for one year or more, to be able to document the improvement in your functional age and in your biological age, and how your body looks and feels.

      What is the cost of a HealthChek™ wellness and antiaging program?
      • The Gold level program starts at $150 per month. This fee includes everything listed in # 2 above, plus your supplements, your biological age testing and monitoring and your functional age testing and monitoring.

        The yearly cost of your HealthChek™ wellness and antiaging program will vary depending on the HealthChek program you choose and how much supervision decide to purchase (health coaches, nutrition coaches, personal trainers, etc.).

        After 6 months in your HealthChek™ program you may choose to upgrade your program by adding other HealthChek™ products and services to your program.

        We check and monitor your Biological Age, and/ or your Functional Age every 6 months to monitor your improvement.

      Where can I find the full list of HealthChek™ wellness and antiaging program, and how can I purchase one?

      To view the full list of available HealthChek™ wellness and antiaging programs, please click here: View HealthChek™ Programs.  

      To purchase a program, click the link (buy HealthChek™ program) that you will find at the bottom of each program in the Programs list, and follow the instructions.

      How do I pay for my HealthChek™ wellness and antiaging program?

      You can pay for your HealthChek™ program with any of the following credit cards: Visa,  Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.

      You may also be able to pay with a valid CareCredit card that has an authorized limit of more than 6 months’ cost of your chosen HealthChek™ program. Please contact us directly at 404-681-0000 to get started.

      How do I start my HealthChek™ wellness and antiaging program?
      You will find the instructions on how to get started  with your HealthChek™ program after you have completed your purchase. After you have paid for your Program, please click the link  GET STARTED, and follow the instructions.
      What are HealthChek Executive™ Wellness and Antiaging Programs?

      As an executive, you have worked hard to build your business and to reach your station in life. A serious illness could pose major problems for you, your company, your family, and your employees.  

      Our HealthChek Executive wellness and antiaging program is an invitation only program that uses cutting-edge cancer screening studies, whole body imaging studies,  sophisticated blood testing, dietary and antiaging to help you manage your wellness and antiaging program. This allows you and your loved ones to enjoy the fruits of your labor and allows you to enjoy your retirement years.

      Sign up to receive an invitation

      Can I buy the HealthChek™ products and services online for the same price?

      No. Our program can pass on savings to you because we have negotiated volume discounts with our quality manufacturers.

      Can I buy HealthChek™ products and services if I don’t buy a HealthChek program?

      Yes. You can purchase some HealthCheck™ products and services from, the e-commerce website of My Preventive Health LLC. These include Functional Age Tests, Biological Age Tests, Good Health News subscriptions, and some dietary supplements. We cannot guarantee that all products and services will be in MyPH Shop, or that you will obtain the same per product pricing that you will obtain within a HealthChek™ program.

      How do I know that I am getting the best products and services in my HealthChek™ wellness and antiaging program?

      There are many programs on the web that will offer to sell you dietary and antiaging supplements. HealthChek is personalized wellness and antiaging program that is dedicated to the long term improvement of your health.  Every product and service that we recommend for our wellness and antiaging program must pass the strict HealthChek™ peer-review process. We do not recommend products to our clients that we would not personally use or recommend for our loved ones.

      Can I use a HealthChek™ Program to monitor the health of a parent or loved one?

      Yes. You love your parents and grandparents, and you want to keep tabs on their health, but you can’t be there all the time. A HealthChek™ Remote Monitoring Program (RPM/ CCM) allows you to work with an experienced health care team to monitor the key parameters of the health of a parent or loved one. You (or your designated contact) will be immediately notified of any persistent abnormalities in the key health areas that are being monitored.

      Seeing changes in your body that you don’t like?

      Welcome to our HealthChek Personalized Preventive-health Program, or HealthChek PPP™. Our goal is to help you look healthy, feel healthy and feel more energetic into your 90’s and beyond. If you are over age 30 and are seeing changes in your body that you don’t like, welcome aboard. We want to teach you some of the facts we’ve learned about taking care of this marvelous machine called the human body.




      Look younger, feel younger, live younger

      Regardless of our age, we all want to look younger, feel younger and feel more energetic. Getting there often calls for small changes in our daily habits, and as we all know, change is hard. Our HealthChek™ PPP combines a healthy, organic diet with age-appropriate fitness activities that are designed to increase your stamina and muscle strength, to help you feel younger. We provide tips on improving your skin, your face, and your smile, to help you look younger. We suggest organic nutritional supplements that provide the energy to help you live younger.

      Find out how old your body is functioning

      We start by listening to your health goals and your timetable. We conduct a non-invasive Functional Age Test to help estimate your “functional age” (how old your body is behaving). We also conduct a  Biological Age Test  to estimate the genetic age of your cells. We use this information to design a personalized wellness and antiaging program to guide you on your journey to a long and healthy life. And if you get discouraged along the way, our health coaches are always available to help keep you on track. Our starting HealthChek™ program is very affordable less

      We're Here Whenever You Need Us