Our Experienced Gastroenterology & Nutrition Clinics Staff

Dr. Edward Layne

Edward A. Layne, MD

roberto springer PAC

Roberto Springer, PAC

yohann graves MD

Yohann Greaves, MD/PAC

Patricia Young

Patricia Young

Office Manager

Jacqueline Simbillo

Jacqueline Simbillo

Executive Assistant

Jenelle Alleyne

Jenelle Alleyne

Billing Consultant

Sheila Woods

Sheila Woods MA

Bernadine Layne Attorney

Atty. Bernadine Layne

GAN/MyPH Legal Consultant

Our Programs

Gastroenterology Wellness Programs

  • GERD prevention and management
  • Stomach ulcers – prevention and management
  • stomach pain – evaluation and management
  • constipation – prevention and management

HealthCheck Wellness Programs

  • HealthCheck evaluation
  • HealthCheck daily management guidelines
  • HealthCheck long-term management guidelines

Wellness Health Coaching Programs

Contact a MyPH Wellness Health Coach

Colorectal Cancer Screening Programs

Guidelines for colorectal cancer screening

  • females
  • black females
  • males
  • places that increase your risk of developing colorectal cancer

Weight Management Programs

  • basics of weight management
  • vegetarian diets
  • vegan diets
  • high-protein diets
  • intermittent fasting

BioTE Hormonal Supplementation Programs

  • hormonal supplementation in males
  • erectile dysfunction
  • hormonal supplementation in females

Functional Age Estimation & Monitoring (AgeMeter)

  • Biological Age estimate & monitoring
  • Compare your Chronological Age

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