Our Experienced Team of Advisors

Dr. Edward Layne

Edward A. Layne MD

Preventive Health / Age Management / Stomach, liver & colon health

John D. Cochran MD

Clinical Pathology & Clinical Laboratory Medicine

Elliott Small

Anti-aging studies, Food Science, AgeMeter®

Sylvia Wright MD

General & Cosmetic Dermatology

Titus Duncan MD

Cosmetic & Bariatric Surgery

Ronald Dunlap MD

Cardiology & Medical Technology issues

James Poindexter MD

Vascular Health including Treatment of Varicosities & Spider Veins

Chef Monique Barrow

Chef Monique Barrow

Food Preparation, Food Presentation & Portion Control

Teresa Pounds PharmD

Enteral & Parenteral Nutrition

Dr Dennis Melton

Dennis Melton MD

Infectious Diseases & Travel Medicine

Dr. Dele Oledapo

Dele Oledapo MD

Consultant on Psychiatry & Mental Health/Pain Medicine Issues

Jenelle Foote MD

Men’s Health

Nicole Layne

Nicole Layne, MBA

GAN/MyPH Business Consultant

Nanette Cook MD

Women’s Health

Prof. Kofi Kondwani PhD

Stress Evaluation & Stress Management

yohann graves MD

Yohann Greaves MD/PAC

Health Coach, Vegetarian Health & Vegetarian Lifestyles

roberto springer PAC

Roberto Springer PAC

Diabetes Management, Hypertension Management

Jasmine Burke

Jasmine Burke, Actor/Director

Health & Beauty Coach

Donna Ransom

Donna Ransom

Health Coach

Philisha StHill

Philisha St. Hill

Vegan Lifestyle Coach

Roberto Springer PAC

Hudlin Andre Pharm.D.

Pharmacy and Pharmaceuticals

Bernadine Layne Attorney

Bernadine Layne


Dr Wheeler

Dr. Sharon Wheeler

MyPH IT Consultant

William Ransom

Bill Ransom

Video Consultant

Jennifer Turner

Jennifer D. Turner

Creative Director

Phillip Blackwell

Phillip Blackwell

Web Developer

Peter Clarke placeholder

Peter Clarke

Web Developer

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