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Health-conscious, and looking for a personalized ‘wellness and antiaging’ program?

HealthChek™ is a 3-step comprehensive ‘wellness and antiaging’ program:

    1. An evaluation questionnaire to help us understand your health goals, health challenges and the timetable for improving your health.
    2. Daily Management Guidelines: step 2 consists of a Functional age test using a state of the art, non-invasive AgeMeter® technology, and a non-invasive test of your Biological age. We use the information from your questionnaire, your Functional Age and your Biological Age to design your personalized wellness and antiaging program (WAP).
    3. Long-term Wellness & Antiaging Guidelines: To make sure you stay on the road to good health, we provide long-term wellness and antiaging guidelines, coaches, and tools to ensure your success.

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