HealthChek™ Executive  Program Invitation

Why Use a HealthChek Executive™ Wellness and Antiaging Program?

You have worked hard to achieve your current position as an Executive. Our HealthChek™ medical team understands your responsibilities, and the damage that a serious illness can do to you, your company, and your loved ones. We are aware that by now, you will have received invitations to join several local or internet-based antiaging programs.

The HealthChek-Executivepersonalized wellness and antiaging program combines state of the art health screening with continuous guidance by our team of experienced healthcare professionals, to help Executives like you stay healthy, and avoid illnesses that could disrupt your business, your company’s growth, and your retirement plans.

HealthChek-Executive™ personalized Wellness and Antiaging Program features include:

  1. 24/7 virtual access to a licensed healthcare professional (MD, PAC, or CNP)1
  2. Review of your personal & family history2 to assess your risks for cancer, diabetes, heart disease and strokes
  3. Measurement of your Biological Age (the genetic age of your cells when compared to a panel of more than 8,000 clients), using state of the art technologies
  4. Measurement of your Functional Age (how old your body is behaving compared to your age from your birthdate), using state of the art technologies. [not currently available in all locations in the US]
  5. Whole body MRI scans that can detect more than 100 early abnormalities, to help your healthcare team find health problems before they find you
  6. HealthChek-Executive™ blood Cancer screening tests that can detect markers of more than 50 cancers
  7. State of the art blood screening for more than 50 abnormalities of the pancreas, heart, liver, and kidneys
  8. Personalized Guidelines for managing your preventive health that include peer-reviewed, high-quality dietary supplements, and peer-reviewed, high quality antiaging supplements, when needed
  9. Health coaching, with suggestions for managing your nutrition, fitness, sleep, and the high levels of stress that come with your busy schedule as an Executive.
  10. Monitoring of your Functional Age and your Biological Age every 6 months
  11. Adjustment of your personalized wellness and antiaging treatment program as needed to keep you on track
  12. Regular updates on wellness and antiaging from our e-newsletters and from our preventive health websites:,, and

The HealthChek-Executive™ personalized wellness and antiaging program is a ‘concierge’ program from My Preventive Health LLC.  My Preventive Health LLC does not bill medical insurance. To help us better tailor our response to your needs, please email the following information to ([email protected])3:

Share Preventive Health information with your family, friends, and employees. The life you save may be your own©.

1(MD = Medical Doctor; PAC = Certified Physician’s Assistant; CRN = Certified Registered Nurse)

2(Many health problems run in families. Knowledge of your family history may help you find problems before they find you)

3(Please direct all requests for HealthChek-Executive™ wellness Programs to: [email protected])

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