Questions & Tips on Dr. Layne’s Smoothie Recipes

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Q: (Ingredients for your Smoothie): I get all confused trying to follow the instructions for your Smoothie. Is there an easier way to figure this out? (Confused)

A: Dear Confused, Smoothies are made to be enjoyed, not to create more stress in your life! An easy way to remember the general Smoothie recipe is this: Throw a cup of filtered water or fresh juice of your choice into your Smoothie-machine and add a dash of Cinnamon/ Nutmeg/ Ginger for flavor. Add approximately:

  • 1/3rd Greens & Veggies (choose ones that you like from your local market)
  • 1/3rd Fruits & Berries (choose ones that you like, fresh or frozen)
  • 1/3rd Seeds and Nuts. (choose ones that you like)

Place your machine on the “Smoothie” setting and enjoy! See the section under “Green Smoothies”

Q: (Types of Blenders): Why can’t I use the regular Blender that I already own to make my Smoothies? The Ninja™, Vitamix™ and other machines that you recommend are more expensive (Frugal)

A: Dear Frugal, a Smoothie from a “regular “Blender” is better than no Smoothie. Our experience has shown that it takes a more powerful machine (Ninja, Vitamix, or similar horsepower) to break down the cell walls of the greens, fruits and veggies in order to fully release the nutrients that your body needs

Q: (Cleaning Pesticides from your veggies): How can I get rid of all the pesticides and other chemicals that farmers use on the fruits and vegetables before I put them in my Smoothie? Should I peel the skin off my fruits and veggies before I use them? (Ms. Clean)

A: Dear Ms. Clean. In today’s world we can never guarantee that you will get rid of one hundred percent of the chemicals and additives in your food. You can rinse your veggies, fruits and greens in a commercial “veggie wash”, in alkaline water or in a dilute apple cider vinegar solution (1/4 cup of vinegar in 1 quart of water). You can give your fruits & veggies a good scrubbing with a rough sponge but there is no need to peel most fruits or remove the stems from your greens

Q: (Cyanide in apple seeds) I have been told that apple seed contain small amounts of the chemical Cyanide and that I should not put these seeds in my Smoothie. What about the other seeds and nuts? (Cautious)

A: Dear Cautious, you are correct. Apple seeds can contain traces of Cyanide and you should remove all seeds from apples before using them in your Smoothie. I am not aware of Cyanide in any of the other commonly used seeds but I would be happy to get more information and suggestions from our website users

Q: (Frozen vs. Fresh Berries) I have to get my kids off to school and get ready for a long commute to work. I don’t have time in the morning to pick through berries and fruit. Can I use frozen berries and the cut-up fruit that I can purchase from the supermarket? (Ms. Rushed)

A: Dear Ms. Rushed, I totally understand your situation. It is perfectly ok to use commercial frozen mixed berries and the packaged fruits and greens that you buy from the supermarket. Suggest you place some of your Smoothie in a glass or BPA-free container and take it with you to sip slowly on your long commute to work.

Q: (Dehydrated Organic Greens) When I am traveling for short periods of time, it is ok to use “dehydrated organic greens” to make my Smoothie? What source do you recommend? (Road-Warrior)

A: Dear Road-Warrior, I thought I was the only person that travelled with a small Smoothie machine in my bag. I have also used the “Dehydrated Organic Greens” from time to time when I am on the road. I suggest a source such as “Whole Foods™” or another trusted vendor. I also suggest that you keep the container tightly closed or refrigerated after opening.

Q: (Cinnamon in Smoothies): My girlfriend adds things like Cinnamon, Nutmeg and Ginger to her Smoothie for flavor and I must admits that her Smoothies taste really good. Is there any harm to adding all these spices to my smoothie? (Ms. Curious)

A: Dear Ms. Curious, if you like the taste, it is ok to add Cinnamon, Nutmeg and Ginger to flavor your Smoothie. As far as I am aware, this should not affect the other ingredients. Cinnamon helps to control your blood sugar and Ginger has many other beneficial properties

Q: (Protein Powders in Smoothies) I do a lot of exercise and I have been adding a commercial “Protein powder” to my Smoothie. It has been giving me a lot of “gas” during the day. What can I do? (Mr. Gaseous)

A: Dear Mr. Gaseous, many commercial “Protein powders” are milk-based and require the enzyme “Lactase” for complete digestion. Lactase in normally produced in the gut of children but many adults do not make enough Lactase to digest these milk products.

Try substituting “Pea Protein” powder or chew some commercially available “Lactaid” tablets whenever you drink your Smoothie. You should also know that many seeds and nuts contain lots of protein. I do not digest milk and milk products well and I often use “Pea Protein” powder and/ or a mixture of Chia seeds, Golden Flaxseed and raw Almonds for added protein

Q: (Storing my Smoothie) Can I make a lot of Smoothie at one time and store it in the refrigerator so that I don’t have to make it every day? (Ms. Organized)

A: Dear Ms. Organized, most food experts tell us that the beneficial anti-oxidants in the Smoothies do not last for much more than 12 hours after they are first made. In practice, I have found that many Smoothies will last for about 24 hours if kept in a very cold refrigerator or freezer and stored in a glass or BPA-free container. If you are freezing the Smoothie, be sure to leave some space in container to allow the Smoothie to expand as it cools, to prevent your container from breaking or rupturing.

Q: (“Green Smoothies”): I am watching my Calories and many of my girlfriends have told me that “Green Smoothies” can help me manage my weight. What is a “Green Smoothie” and what fluids can I use to dilute my Smoothies that will preserves the taste without adding all the extra calories? (Young, Healthy & Sexy)

A: Dear Young, Healthy & Sexy, The term “Green Smoothie” just means that you increase the amount of Leafy Greens in your Smoothie and cut back on the amounts of Fruits, Berries, Seeds and Nuts. This can increase your fiber intake and help to boost your immune system. There are lots of recipes for great-tasting Green Smoothies on the web. It’s much more fun to create one that suits your taste after you have read all the other people’s recipes

Many of my patients use filtered water or ice made from filtered water to dilute their Smoothie and cut down on calories. Many patients recommend Cinnamon, Nutmeg or Ginger for flavor. You can also use a small amount of 100 percent juice of your choice to flavor your Smoothie without adding lots of calories

Q: (Bananas in my Smoothie) I love the texture that a ripe banana gives to my Smoothie, but I sometimes get a tingling sensation in my mouth when I add certain types of bananas. Any suggestions? (Ms. Caribbean)

A: Dear Ms. Caribbean, the skin of some unripe bananas contains chemicals that can produce an allergic reaction in some people. The yellow bananas that you buy from most markets are not always “ripe”. To avoid developing sensitivity to chemicals in the skin, make sure that the banana you use a in your smoothie is ripe (you may want to have the bananas sit for a few days until you see the first few dark spots on the skin). If you suspect that are having an allergic reaction to any food, take some Benadryl immediately, stop using the food and see your doctor or go to an emergency clinic as soon as possible.

Q: (Pineapple in my Smoothie) I love the taste of fresh Pineapple and fresh Papaya when I am traveling in the tropics, but the fruit I get from my supermarket is “green” and does not have the same taste. Is it ok to use canned Pineapple or canned Papaya to my Smoothies? (Tropical)

A: Dear Tropical, I sympathize. I agree that fresh Pineapple, fresh Papaya and fresh seasonal fruits can add a delicious flavor (and cleansing enzymes) to your Smoothie. Unfortunately, many of the fruits that you buy from the supermarket have been picked before they fully ripen and have been specially treated to meet shipping requirements that are imposed by Customs or by Agricultural Departments in the receiving countries. These fruits and veggies often don’t taste the same after they have been shipped.

A Pineapple or a Papaya that is “canned in its own juice” or “canned in water” may give you the same flavor but may not have the same level of antioxidants as the fresh fruit. You can often find “frozen organic” chunks of pineapple and papaya at some high-end grocery chains in the “frozen berries” section. Try these and see if these meet your taste requirements.

Q: (Smoothie for Breakfast) I feel really full after I drink my Smoothie in the morning and I don’t feel like eating Breakfast. Am I hurting myself by not eating breakfast? (Ms. Worry)

A: Dear Ms. Worry, you are not hurting yourself. Your brain constantly communicates with your stomach and tells you when you need to eat. Your Smoothie contains Protein, Carbohydrates, Fat, Vitamins and Minerals and your stomach is telling your brain that it is satisfied. You don’t have to worry about eating again until your stomach and your brain tell you that you are starting to “feel hungry”.