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MyPH Com Staff asked 4 years ago

I recently turned forty and started developing extra fat around my middle. I eat well and get some exercise almost every day. I have tried all types of diets but can’t seem to lose fat from my abdomen. Why is it so difficult for me to lose weight from my middle?

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Dr. Edward Layne Staff answered 4 years ago

Great question. Abdominal fat (often called truncal obesity or a spare tire) is the fat that accumulates in the mid abdominal region. Truncal obesity often starts in the late thirties when growth hormone levels begin to decrease in most people. Abdominal fat tends to be resistant to normal diet and exercise just as you have noticed. The best way to tackle it is to continue to keep an active lifestyle and really be conscious of what you eat.
Ask an experienced personal trainer to help you add some exercises to your regimen that will focus on your abdominal region. There are recent studies to suggest that the abdominal fat is associated with the production of hormones that may be bad for your long term health.