HealthChek™ Platinum Wellness and Antiaging Program 12-month

$225.00 / month

Reminder: The object of your HealthChek™ Program is to improve your biological age. We set specific six (6) month benchmarks based on tests of your biological age, body mass index (BMI) and fitness. We offer 6-month and 12-month subscriptions automatically deducted as a monthly charge. There is a small discount for the 12 month program.

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HealthChek™ Elite Wellness & Anti-aging Program

  • Education & Info: Monthly e-Newsletters
  • HealthChek™ Questionnaire
  • Biological Age: Measure & Monitor
  • HealthChek™ Antiaging Guide
  • Supplements: Dietary, and Antiaging
  • Nutrition Coach: 1 session every 3 months (20 min virtual group session
  • Fitness Training: 1 sessions every 3 months (20 min virtual group session)
  • Cancer screening: 8-panel screen & 40-panel screen*
  • Whole Body MRI Scan*
  • Provider Access* (MD/ PAC/ NPC): Provider access available as 1x 20 minute virtual group session per month.
  • In-home Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) (1 or more days/ week in continental United States)*

*40-Panel Cancer Screening, Provider AccessWhole Body MRI Scan and In-home Remote Patient Monitoring can be purchased at an additional charge to enhance your program.

Automatically charged monthly