There are many factors that make it difficult to maintain your beautiful body, especially after age 40. These factors include:

  1. Family history of obesity
  2. Large amounts of empty calories in many common foods, which promote obesity
  3. Stressful lifestyle, which increases the steroids in your body promotes obesity
  4. Hectic lifestyles which makes it impossible to maintain sensible eating patterns
  5. poor sleeping habits and chronic fatigue, both of which promote obesity
  6. hormonal changes after age 40 that may promote obesity, especially in ladies

Fortunately, help is just around the corner. There are several new medications that are now available that make it very easy to lose 10 to 20% of your body weight. You will still have to follow the basics, namely, an enjoyable, low calorie diet, an age appropriate exercise and fitness regimen, and seven to eight hours of restful sleep per night. We always suggest supervision by your primary care doctor and a fitness specialist.

Most people should be able to use these new medications to tailor your weight loss, so that you lose most of the fat from the most troublesome areas of your body, namely your abdomen and your hips.

Please feel free to call our office for more information on these new weight loss medications to see if you qualify.  We are also happy to give you the assistance one of our nutrition coaches.

To get started on your journey to managing your weight, get started with our HealthChek™ today!