Good Health News

Good Health News is the monthly e-newsletter of My Preventive Health LLC, a network of websites that focus on preventive health, wellness, and anti-aging medicine. The information contained in Good Health News is intended to keep our HealthCheck clients updated on preventive health practices, and on new developments in the field of wellness and anti-aging medicine.

Readers are cautioned not to rely solely on the information contained in this, or any other health newsletter to manage their medical problems. Readers should always rely on the information that is provided by the private medical doctor to manage their individual medical problems.

The articles that are published in Good Health News reflect the opinions of the authors, and not necessarily the opinions of the editors or staff of My Preventive Health LLC. We endeavor to check the sources of all articles that we publish, but medicine is an inexact science, and new scientific discoveries are always adding new information to our base of medical knowledge.

We therefore cannot always guarantee the accuracy of all of the facts that are contained in the articles that we publish. We will attempt to correct legitimate errors in a timely manner whenever they are brought to our attention.