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MyPH Tips to Improve your Sleep

Keep your bedroom dark when you are trying to sleep. Melatonin is a very important sleep hormone that is only produced in the dark at night while you are sleeping. Melatonin controls many of the other repair functions of the body that take place at night when you are sleeping. Light in your bedroom can […]

Young, Healthy and Sexy – 10 Tips for 2015

[Doc (D) discusses New Year’s resolutions with Ms. Anne (A)]   A: Doc, I’ve made a decision to get healthy for the New Year. I was really bad last year about managing my health and I just have to take better care of myself this year. I had lost almost 20 pounds at the beginning […]


Questions & Tips on Dr. Layne’s Smoothie Recipes (Please feel free to rate the suggestions given here and to make comments, suggestions and recommendations that we can share with our readers)   Q: (Ingredients for your Smoothie): I get all confused trying to follow the instructions for your Smoothie. Is there an easier way to […]

All’s Fair In Love And (The Rubber Used To Make) Condoms

Condoms don’t just fall off trees, but most of them do start there. The major ingredient in most condoms is natural latex, which comes from rubber trees. A lot has to happen to make tree sap into a Jimmy hat. A number of companies are trying to make that process more ethical, from tree to […]