Youth and Preventive Health: Talking to Kids about Good Health

Imflagsagine what you would tell your youthful self if you could turn back the clock, based on what you know now. Would you tell your young self to eat less sugar and get plenty of rest? I am sure we can all think of hundreds of things we would want to share if we could turn back time. The fact is that we do have the chance to impact our young people today and educate them about the importance of preventive health so that they can lead long, healthy and happy lives.

As the focus draws in with International Youth Day on August 12, it gives us an opportunity to talk to the young people around us about health living. The earlier we start talking to children about their health and how they can take action when it comes to eating well, the better the chances are that a child will adopt preventive health practices in their lives for the long term.

A great way to introduce preventive health is to ask the child in your life to compare how they feel when they are sick versus when they are well. Then explain that eating healthy, resting and exercising are all great ways to avoid being sick. You will be surprised at the questions that follow when you start introducing a child to healthy lifestyle choices. They might surprise you with how much they really do understand.

Preventive health choices for kids actually covers everything from eating habits, emotional stability, social interactions, level of activity or exercise, and the big problem so many parents face – the dreaded technology vortex. It is important to give kids the whole picture when it comes to preventive health. Children who are bullied as school often binge eat at home or worse, do not eat at all. Preventive health lifestyle choices covers our emotional wellbeing as well as our physical wellbeing; the two are intrinsically linked. It is important that children understand from a young age that being happy is just as important as a bowl of broccoli.

Set some time aside and talk to your special young one(s) today. There is not time better than today for a positive influence.


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